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Ugh, you know those ladies you follow on Instagram that are so cool, that you just want to be their friend? Well, I happen to be friends with one of those ladies. I’m still not as cool as her, but I can try right? My friend Krystal just has this cool chick vibe and seems to float wherever she goes. She also happens to be a major boss and is killing the game with her businesses. Yes, businesses, plural. One of her brands is Sexy Mind Movement, which is a clothing brand that empowers women to celebrate the boss babe in them. Also, part of the proceeds go to charities dedicated to helping women. Plus, the clothes are cute. So winning.

Recently Krystal reached out about doing a brand photo shoot with some local San Diego bloggers. They happen to be major bosses as well (@jasminwearsblog, @travelingpineapple, @xoxobritta). She approached us about collaborating with hair and makeup for the models and of course, we said yes (trying to up our cool factor after all). The shoot was also in collaboration with Sweetly Striped boutique and Alex Nguyen on clothing styling, with photography by Luisa Renay.

Well, the photos are beyond amazing, and just go to show you how important brand photos are. You can see that these ladies felt so confident in the clothes and when you have your hair and makeup done, you feel like you can take on the world. Her brand is so badass and you totally get that vibe when you see these ladies in her clothing.

Always love helping out fellow boss babes achieve their dreams, so if you are a major boss (which we know you are) and are looking to host an event or doing brand photos and need a unique and personal touch, let’s chat. We’d love to help any way that we can!

What do you think of the Sexy Mind Movement?



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