Building Relationships on Social Media

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Do you remember the last conversation you had about Instagram? Was it a good one (aka, were you happy to chat about it)? If you weren’t, I don’t blame you. More often than not, frustration is what comes to mind when Instagram comes up. Yes, the algorithm has changed and it may seem unfair, but rather than bemoan the changes, wouldn’t it be better to make the best of it? Thought so.

Social media is a social network

So, how can you start to make the best of it and still grow your business? Well, to start, the algorithm is not to blame for a slow in your growth or engagement. It just changes the way you have to go about it. Our following is constantly growing and building and I genuinely believe that it continues to grow, because I nurture it. Social media, at its core, is a social network, so it should be utilized as such. So many people now are focused on the numbers (i.e. how many followers they have). This isn’t nearly as important as your engagement rate (the number of likes and comments relative to your following). By engaging with your followers or the people you are following, you are cultivating relationships, so they are most likely going to reciprocate. If you like and comment on their post, they will probably go over to your page and do the same. This is in a sense is networking, as you are working on building relationships with companies and brands you would want to interact with anyway.

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Focus on people, not the numbers

It’s time to worry less about the numbers and more about using social media as the way it was intended: to network and work with others. Just last week, I had brunch with a pretty amazing woman who I had connected with via Instagram. We bonded over the fact that we both lived in Las Vegas for an extended period of time (me 17 years and her 13 years), and at the end of brunch, we both knew that we had become friends. Social media is a wonderful platform to network, find collaborators, and maybe even some other people that you can become friends with. It’s a good idea to focus on social media as a business, but don’t get sucked into the number game and became fixated on growing solely with building others up as well.

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  • Camila Pontes

    Amazing article!! I agree that people are always too worried about following numbers, when they should really be looking for more meaningful engagement.

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Thank you babe! It’s difficult to shift the focus, but when you do it’s such a relief to just focus on being yourself and “your tribe” will come.

  • Ana Abraham

    I like how your intuition is to nurture your media, which is completely true. I’m a trong believer of genuine engagement and always bring value to your potential clients. It’s definitely a work of love, but rewarding when the outcome reciprocate as mentioned above 🙂

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Thank you! I think when we focus on doing what is best for our followers and not the numbers, then the work we want will come and your tribe will stay 😉 xo

  • Stephanie

    This is a wonderful read! It can be so overwhelming when you run your business through social media platforms

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Thank you! I know it can be and that’s why I try to focus on being true to our brand and our personality. The rest will follow. 🙂

  • Becky

    Love making those real life friendships because of Instagram!! Yes, it’s about the PEOPLE! <3

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Exactly because at the end of the day the people will stay, whereas the social media may not 😉 xo

  • Johanna

    Yes girl!
    It’s so easy to get lost in the numbers (lord knows I do that all the time). I still got to find the right hashtags so I can start networking with the right people and people like you I want to build a relationship with!

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Oh I know, the hashtags can be such a bother, but I always try to focus on a specific one and connect with those whose work I genuinely love. 🙂

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