Top Hairstyles For A California Wedding

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It’s no secret that California is a popular destination spot for weddings. Endless sunshine, a temperate 70 degrees, 365 days a year, and a laid-back vibe that instantly makes you feel chill. Yeah California is the place to be.

We get a lot of inquiries from local brides, but also brides coming to California as a destination wedding. Being that we personalize each and every event based on the experience the bride is looking for, hair is one of these personalized elements. Though, there are some recurring themes amongst the California brides.

Top Requested Hairstyles

Down with Curls

It’s such a simple request, but can be so chic and timeless on a bride. There is so much variation with this too; thick curls, loose curls, beachy waves, etc. All of the brides that have requested this style, know exactly what they want and it is a  true reflection of their style.

Tip: If you are wanting beachy waves, alternate the direction in which you curl pieces. Once done, run your fingers through it messily, and if it looks a little undone, this is perfect. Ultimate beach babe. 

Loose Updo

Another popular request is an updo, but not a structured updo. These brides are wanting an updo to keep their hair out of their face, but they still want that California vibe, so think loose tendrils in the front and some piecey sections in the back. Some of the ones our stylists have done have a wrapped bun, with some pulled pieces at the bottom to make it look a little messy.


Some brides are really bold and want all of their hair in a braid (these are typically the very boho brides), but we have gotten lots of requests for braids to be incorporated somehow into the look. Whether it is hair done with curls and add a side braid or a loose bun with a side braid. Most brides this season want some accent piece in their hair and the braid is that accent piece.

California Hairstyles

Tip: If you want a really full braid, like some of the ones you see on Pinterest, consider getting some clip in extensions. These will add fullness to your hair if you don’t naturally have a lot of volume or length. 

When coming to California, our brides want a little bit of that California vibe as well, and the easiest way to do that is with their hair. Makeup, well that’s another topic.

P.S. If you are looking for ideas, check out our Instagram and send us a screenshot of the look you are going for! We’ll get that stylist set up for you 😉




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Showing 14 comments
  • Maureen

    I’ve always loved beach waves, but that full braid is pretty amazing too. Sometimes I wish I could have a redo with my wedding hair.

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Maybe a vow renewal? That could be something to play with 😉

  • Chrissy

    So cute! I haven’t really thought about what kind of hairstyle I’d like, but I’m going with the first one! I’ve always liked my hair being curled and gosh, the flowers I can add, too!

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Exactly! Nothing like getting your hair curled! Plus it lasts 😉

  • Jax Connolly Photo

    It’s so true! And these three bridal hairstyles are super beautiful. I know when I was a bride I did a full bride. I wasn’t entirely boho, but I suppose my soul is. Hehe 🙂 <3

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Oh I can totally see that! Plus a full braid is just stunning.

  • Sasha Wasio

    Love all of the hairstyles you mentioned. I think my favorite is the loose updo style. I agree with you that adding extensions is a great idea to get greater volume and I also feel like it helps keep the hair in place better (for the peeps with thinner hair like myself). Thanks for sharing these awesome looks!

    • Katelyn McCullough

      You are welcome! I love a loose updo too, it’s just so effortless looking. 😉

  • Christine

    Braids are all the rage!! That’s a great tip about the extensions!

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Thank you! A little known secret 😉

  • Melissa

    Love that loose updo! Stylish without feeling like you’re dying in the heat! lol

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Exactly! Looks effortless too 😉

  • Ana Abraham

    We’re always open for a destination wedding! And I couldn’t agree more California is the place to be and get married under the perfect weather. These braid options are so adorable and definitely one of my favorite updos for a beach wedding.

    • Katelyn McCullough

      Exactly! Just gets you in the vibe xo

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