Celebrate Every Success: Why Mimosas Are Winning

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Mimosas are the OG of brunch cocktails. Getting to eat brunch is a celebration, and champagne just screams celebratory. I mean how much fancier can you get than a wine with bubbles? Add a little juice to the champagne and you have a match made in heaven to pair with brunch. But why stop at brunch?

For us, mimosas are good for any occasion and have in fact become our drink of choice. Though, we like to put a little spin on the traditional mimosa. Pineapple juice in lieu of orange.

Pineapple Juice? Really?

Yes really. This is a strategic choice on our part, because well, it is delicious. The perfect mixture of sweet, with a slight tangy bitterness. Plus, it has family ties, just like our name. The pineapple mimosa was actually the creation of Dona McCullough (aka the mother in our mother-daughter founder duo). She has memories of growing up in New Zealand, where pineapple mimosas were a family staple. New Zealand is heavily influenced by Maori and Polynesian Heritage (similar to Hawaii), and though pineapples are not easily grown in New Zealand, that hasn’t stopped the desire. Fresh is better, but no shame in getting your fix from pineapple juice from a can. Living for 14 years in New Zealand and then 2 in Hawaii, it’s no shock that the tradition stuck.

My reason for loving them? They are refreshing, and orange juice gives me a headache. A lot less romantic, I know, but I’m all about honesty. So there you go.


Mimosas can bring me success though?

Yes! If it’s something unique to you, people want to know. That’s what we have found with our pineapple mimosas. It started out as a family tradition, that somehow made it’s way to a Fun Fact Friday about us. Next thing we know, people are actually ordering during meetings with us to commemorate the tradition!

The pineapple mimosa has become a characteristic¬†unique to our brand. If someone orders a pineapple mimosa and thinks of Elwynn + Cass and our beauty concierge service, then it’s a success. It’s not something we started in the hopes of gaining success, but being that our business is based on personal touches and human connection, when people know more about us, there is more trust.

Jenna Kutcher has mac n’cheese, and Elwynn + Cass has pineapple mimosas. It’s something unique to us and memorable. Or weird. But you remember weird things, so same thing.

Next time you go to brunch, try a pineapple mimosa instead of the OG orange. Let us know what you think and tag us on Instagram, we’d love to see where you are having your drink! Oh and if you want to share one with us, drop us a line.



Katelyn & Dona


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