Opening Day for San Diego Polo: Braids, Lashes & Fashion

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San Diego Polo Opening Day

Anyone who lives in Southern California knows the adage, “June Gloom”, where the start of summer (June) is more gloomy in its weather than it is sunny. Most days are overcast, but with so many summer events coming up, all we want is the sun. This past Sunday was Opening Day for San Diego Polo and thankfully the sun came out!

PC: San Diego Polo

The Fashion

Opening Day for San Diego Polo is always a grand affair, similar to the Opening Day at Del Mar Race Track, but much more relaxed. Garden party style is the typical attire, but there is a wide range as well. Some are intent on making the polo fields their runway and others just looking to have fun with family and friends. The great part about polo is that the experience is really what you make it. You can choose to mingle with the VIP and dress up to make a day of it, or you can bring your own food and chill in the tailgate area.


Braids + Lashes

So what were we doing there? Offering braids and false lashes of course. Glam ups if you will. We had our gorgeous mobile beauty lounge set up right outside the VIP tent to boot! Most of the ladies that attend Opening Day are done up, but false lashes just add to the theme and give you a boost of confidence. Plus they are fun, so why not? The day, while sunny, was also very windy, so we had lots of ladies wanting braids to get their hair out of their faces. Fishtail braids are the hot commodity this year.

Food, Cocktails, & Photos?

San Diego Polo went all out for the patrons attending Opening Day. You could get craft cocktails by Snake Oil Cocktail Co (they had frose guys!) and delicious food by The Wild Thyme Co.. Going with the vintage theme, you could get your photo taken in the Camera Camper, a vintage camper. They also had the Stella Artois airstream where you could get Stella Artois chalices with your beer.

PC: San Diego Polo

We love doing Opening Day for Polo as we get to see so many different people, and reconnect with old friends. Plus, the people watching is amazing. If you haven’t been to a polo match, you should definitely go, it’s quite entertaining.



P.S. We will be doing some other polo events this summer, so look out for us and come get your hair and makeup done with us!


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