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Hey gals and gents! Have you met Kelsey Rae of Kelsey Rae Designs? If you haven’t, you need to check her out. She is a major force in the wedding industry and is also one of the coolest and sweetest people I know. She did us the honor of writing a guest blog post for us on why you need a coordinator and the value she can bring you. So, without further ado, here is Kelsey Rae!

Guest Blog Post:

But Why, Why do I Need a Coordinator?  

You just gazed into your sweetheart’s eyes as he got down on one knee and popped the question. He put that stunning sparkler on your ring finger and you went to celebrate the night away… newly engaged and happy to be taking on this crazy thing called “planning a wedding!”

But a few weeks, days, or hours (no judgment, friend!) later, all of that excitement and pure wedding talk adrenaline wears off and you realize, well now what? That overwhelming feeling of “where do I start?” kicks in and that’s where I come in.

Wedding planning is fun and meant to have every second of it enjoyed. After all, you only get this few short years/months/weeks/days to soak in being fiancées, so why not love every dang second of it.

I get questions all the time that go a little something like this:

-“Why should I hire you?”

-“What exactly do you do?”

-“Why are your fees so dang expensive?”

-“I can totally DIY this myself, so why should I hire you?” (my personal fave)

The truth is, if you’re a super Type A personality, who loves researching the heck out of things, and also has a knack for coming up with the most amazing creative looks, juggling family drama and thrives on creating the most perfect timeline to a group of vendors you researched and sought out, then maybe, just maybe, you can get away with doing it all on your own. But 95% of the time, I can assume you’ve never planned a wedding before, don’t have vendor relationships built up and don’t even know where to start with a budget.

Wedding planners are rockstars and I’m not just saying this because I’m biased. But really, we can be YOUR rockstar. We handle all that stuff that isn’t necessarily “fun.” We break down your budget and give you realistic price points for things, and also save you lots of money with relationships we’ve built up. I pass vendor commissions to my brides all the time, provide discount codes from our partners and negotiate like crazy for my couples (is it weird I get a thrill from that?).

We simply guide you to making decisions that will make your wedding day go perfectly.

We put together design plans + mood boards to make sure your wedding is super cohesive + awesome, just like you are.

We book your dress fitting appointments, help with room blocks, and smooth over any family drama you might have (and trust me, no family is perfect!).

We take on that seriously daunting timeline and communicate everything with your vendors, making your actual wedding day pretty darn flawless.

Your best friend + liaison + guide + rockstar.

We’re there to take anything daunting off your plate and make sure you enjoy the best day of your life. Most importantly, we get you down that aisle… smiling and looking pretty as ever.

And if you’ve read this and are thinking, “Omg I want to be Kelsey Rae’s bestie + have my planning stresses removed immediately” then let’s grab coffee or happy hour (my treat!).


Kelsey Rae

So now you know you need a planner, and you probably need a beauty concierge as well.

All About Us: Our Mobile Beauty Concierge Service

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  • Marie Monforte

    Great tips for why every bride should hire a planner/coordinator! I would love to add- even Type A gals should get one. Becuase Type A gals need to have someone they can *trust* to handle things correctly…or they will still be a ball of stress managing all the various vendors/people the day-of! And as a wedding photographer - that stress will show in your photos! Not worth it. <3

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